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Source for 1GM1-4205

Question asked by Vinod87 on Dec 15, 2014
Hello Forum,

  The Unit E4408B Spectrum Analyzer's was showing UNLOCK error.

When troubleshooted further, in the A8A1A2 RF Assemby LO Generator Board, both the Proprietary IC's 1GM1-4205 and 1GC1-4210 have gone bad.

1. 1GM1-4205 : It's a Switching IC U1703,  just before the 20dB Preamp in the Input Circuitry.

2. 1GC1-4210: It's a Divide by 16 Prescalar IC U302 present in the PLL block of RF Assy.

Though I came to know it's function, unable to find the other equivalent IC.

Kindly provide me the details of it's equivalent or kindly make this orderable.