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Latest 33500B firmware won't program via USB memory stick as-is

Question asked by mkarger on Dec 18, 2014
The latest 33500B-series firmware won't program via USB memory stick as-is.  You need to change the name of the extracted directory to something short, like 335xx.  The USB firmware version 3.03 which is currently available on the Keysight web site extracts into a folder named "335xx_rev_03_03_USB."  The 33500B-series arbitrary waveform generators cannot parse such a long directory name, and so the firmware upgrade process will fail with the message, "File not found."  So the current firmware upgrade process is as follows:

1. Download the newest 33500B USB firmware from Keysight.
2. Extract the contents of the downloaded zip file, and change the extracted directory name to "335xx."
3. Copy the renamed, extracted directory and its contents to a FAT32-formatted USB memory stick.
4. Insert the USB memory stick into the front panel USB connector on the powered-on 33500B.
5. Press the "System" hardware button, followed by the "Firmware Update" software menu button. 
6. Select the "Yes" software menu button.
7. Let the firmware upgrade process complete, and wait for the 33500B to reboot.
8. You will see an error dialogue on the screen.  This is alarming at first, but normal.  The 33500B is just telling you that it cleared its waveform memory due to a firmware upgrade.

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