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Problem with MATLAB script runnign in VEE

Question asked by jacksonvee on Nov 25, 2014
We are presently working on Agilent VEE Pro 9.0 driving a system of precise temperature control. I have implemented Fuzzy module in form of MATLAB Script and incorporated it inside Agilent. But the program is showing error no. 593 (Matlab Script error) though it runs fine on MATLAB R2014a.My Matlab script which I have used in Agilent looks like:

hotbox=addvar(hotbox,'input','e',[-2 30]);
hotbox=addmf(hotbox,'input',1,'NL','trimf',[-2.022 -2.022 -0.5189]);
hotbox=addmf(hotbox,'input',1,'NS','trimf',[-0.9048 -0.4048 0.0921]);
hotbox=addmf(hotbox,'input',1,'ZE','trimf',[-0.3889 0.1111 4.1111]);
hotbox=addmf(hotbox,'input',1,'PS','trimf',[1 5 10]);
hotbox=addmf(hotbox,'input',1,'PL','trimf',[5.661 30.26 54.96]);
hotbox=addvar(hotbox,'input','ec',[-0.5 0.5]);
.... and so on...

Error: 593 says cannot recognise 'newfis' function and it's variable.

There is an ambiguity that the script files in the examples run fine on Agilent though it is showing “No Version of MATLAB Installed” under File>Default Preferences>MATLAB.

So, if you kindly explain in brief how to use fuzzy logic controller MATLAB Script in Agilent