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E3631A-meter mode error

Question asked by tpo on Oct 13, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2014 by MattC
Hi Team,

Need your Help!

We have Agilent E3631A,we are facing below problem, kindly help!!!!!!!!!!!

The display is continuously staying in constant value for +6v channel “0.096v and 0.040 A” and +25v channel “0.00v and 0.037 A”
But I can change the value in” DIPLAY LIMIT” mode and I can observe the changes in the display and  we can able to measure the readings using Multimeter. In normal operation mode it doesn’t reflect the changes in display and it gives above constant value(readback not working)
Even I did multiple time power off and on and I am seeing the same 

Is there any commands or register setting for readback issue?

Thanks in advance for your support.