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Can I get 8720D to report it has option 012 (direct receiver access)?

Question asked by drkirkby on Nov 8, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2014 by drkirkby
I have an 8720D, to which I wanted to add option 012 (direct access to the receivers). Following the information on
Agilent 8719ES and 8720ES Upgrade Kits

on the Keysight web site, I ordered the necessary parts from Keysight and elsewhere, as Keysight did not have the required 2.4 mm to SMA cables. 

As you can see from the photo, the front panel overlay (P/N 08720-80042) is in place, ready for the cables to be fitted when I get them. The firmware indicates it only has options 1D5 and 010. Is there any way to get the firmware to report it has option 012 as well? I realise direct receiver access is just a hardware option, but it would be nice to get the VNA to indicate the right options. 

As shown, the serial number is US39150600.  


*I'm adding back the photo, which I did attach, but seems to have gone!*

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