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DMM 34461a sample delay timer help needed

Question asked by robint on Aug 25, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2014 by robint
Hi Guys
I am very puzzled about the above feature available on the panel  Acquire/Delay/auto man

I set this delay to 1 sec, but the actual sample rate comes out at nearer 3s/samp ( 10 samples/31 secs), Clearly this is totally unusable as a time stamp for data logging
given that the memory doesnt store x values only measured readings - duh?

This from a top flight DMM costing nearly £1000

The only work around is to 

which will give you correct elapsed time for total sample period, then save CSV data to PC and xfer to Excel ss and tot up number of readings

But how to work backwards and set the delay to get 1sample/s - oh wow

Just how clumsy is that?

The pdf manual is no help at all, doesnt even discuss settling time between readings

I am completely stumped , what am I doing wrong

Can anyone help or give me a link