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34461A - Sync trigger of multiple DMMs

Question asked by bse_2018 on Dec 11, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2014 by bse_2018
Hi, i am using several 34461A DMMs with Labview -> SCPI ->VISA -> LAN -> 34461A.

I want to use the internal memory up to 10000 readings in each DMM to save a long term measurement. I want to set up each DMM to trigger in sync with all DMMs to get readings that were taken at the same time.

When I use the trigger delay and set 10s and use the sample count to 10000 per trigger and send a trigger signal from Labview I can see that my measurements drift away from each other after a few minutes/hours.
I think this is because 1 DMM measures temperature, 1 measures Current and 1 measures Voltage. All DMMs are set to 10 PLC so each measurement has the same length but I think the internal processing is different.

Is there a way other than sending a single trigger from Labview every 10 seconds?
I wanted to unplug and shut down my Labview computer during the measurement....