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How to send Group Trigger to Two E3648A supplies using VBA?

Question asked by baakre on Feb 27, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2015 by maxinef
I'm pretty new to VB and have been trying to follow the application example in the E364xA User's And Service Guide for programming a pair of E3648A power supplies using a VBA program within Excel.

I have a National Instruments USB interface and can get the example application to work just fine.

My goal is to have the outputs on the power supply change at the same time. I understand how I can setup a trigger source from GPIB. I can send each power supply a "*TRG" command and the outputs change as expected.

I think to get both power supplies to change at the same time, I would need to use the GPIB Group Execute Trigger (GET), as described on page 93 of the user's guide.

What would be the recommended way of doing this, as "GET" doesn't seem to be a SCPI command?

I assume I would need to call a VI function to send GET out on the interface directly?