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Performing several calibrations at the same time (E5062A)

Question asked by keplovic on Dec 29, 2013

I have to modify one position of an automated production line where different DUT are measured (S21 and sometimes S12) with an E5062A. I'm new here and I've noticed that currently the measurements are done without any kind of calibration. 
I would like to include the calibrations but because of tight deadlines I need to do it as fast as possible, which means I can't afford to totally calibrate each path individually because it would take too many special DUT to do it. 

My "universal" DUT has 5 inputs and 4 outputs and in order to reach these different connections we use switch matrices.

My idea is to perform many calibrations at the same time. i.e.

- Perform the "thru" step of the INP1-OUTP5 calibration and store this state, then perform the "thru" step of the INP2-OUTP6 calibration  and store this in another file and so on. Once I have done this with every "thru" step, I would move on to the stage outlined below. 
- I would perform the "load" step for each file I have previously stored, which would mean making a recall. If the kind of calibration I want to perform has additional stages, I would continue as above, storing each finished calibration its own file.

Does this sound like it would work? If not, I would really appreciate any tips on how to go about doing it.

Thanks in advance!