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BT-Basic for hp3070 Series 3- Editing Board Files

Question asked by justin69 on Feb 20, 2014
Hi all, 

I have not use the HP ICT tester (hp3070) for all must 11 years and I forgot all about BT-Baic commands for Unix environment. I found myself with a task to change the tolerance for some resistors, and I completely forgot how to do it. I was hoping this forum might find some documents on BT-Basic for hp3070 Series 3 ICT or if someone can show how to edit the board files in BT-Basic or the correct commands to type at the command line. Currently I do not use the hp3070 at all really want to do this. Any help would be greatly appreciated just wanted to edit the board files and change the High Limits and Low Limits of few resistors. Thanks in advanced for your help.