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Averaging is slow when PNA-X is setup with several channels

Question asked by engineer007 on Jul 19, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2013 by engineer007
I have a question here regarding the averaging feature in PNA-X.

I'm trying to setup several channels of power sweep, with a very fast sweep time (IF bandwidth set to very high value, 10MHz) with averaging turn on and average count of 16.

My question is, when I started to sweep the channels one by one (continuous sweep), the averaging time seems to be very slow on each particular channel. What I meant here is that it takes some time for a channel to complete the total 16 averaging count. This despite, I have set the rest of the channels sweep mode to Hold. I have more than 10 channels and each channels have at least two S21 traces (one phase, another log).

But when I set up the similar measurement (similarly high IF bandwidth) on only ONE channel, the averaging time is pretty fast (takes about 1 second to complete the averaging).

Is this normal or is there any other settings I need to tweak when I setup more than one channels?