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Problem with XVISION and file DBSERV.exe (Solved)

Question asked by rmsais on Jul 19, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2013 by rmsais
Hello everybody

I have a problem with my system 3070. This system was running OK, but 3 days ago the PC was frozen, the technician reset the machine to fix the problem, but when the PC does the startup, on the monitor appear an error with the DBSERV.exe and the XVISION do not show de "W" icon on the notification area (right-down on monitor). 

Due this issue the basic windows do not open. I have WinXP and my version is 7.20

I think that some file was damaged, but I don't know which file.

I replaced the DBSERV, I launch the startup manually, I unistall the antivirus and the problem continues.

Are there any people with the same problem?  Sorry for my English.

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