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E3631A Calibration adjustment (manual)

Question asked by dbaum on Mar 4, 2014
I use a locally generated Fluke Met/Cal procedure (no adjustment procedure exists) and found the 6V/5A section OOT for voltage and current (range lo and hi of both).   I am able to adjust the voltage per the Service Manual at the V Lo and V Hi sections of Cal Setup 1 with success.  The Current is not adjusting at Cal Setup 2, I am unable to set the negative value I find at the lab meter.  The display reads + 0.100A but I measure -22.65 mA and changing the digits using the arrow keys and **** only allow setting the display down to 0.000 A (cannot set a negative value).  Repeating by returning to Cal Setup 2 shows no change as seen reported (understood).  Suggestions, (ie master reset) ?  BTW, + 25V & - 25V sections are fine for Current and Voltage.