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data logger pro - scale and log data window freeze

Question asked by rl on Jan 14, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2014 by rl
I'm running short trials to establish tolerance in some new hardware - 1 second between scans in groups of 12 or less.
Benchlink Data Logger Pro 3.3 evaluation, 24970A logger with 2x 24901 and 1x24907 cartridges. Serial port com.
Win7 enterprise.

The scale and log data window is freezing regularly - the Quick Graph window only updates when I give the time scale a nudge back and forth between values. This didn't happen during the first days use, but is ~permanent now. Opening and closing the program doesn't fix it (for more than a few readings.)

Have run Benchlink Data Logger 3 on this same setup for weeks at a time without issues, or com errors.