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To capture the screen Of Spectrum analyzer

Question asked by pals679 on Aug 11, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2015 by gaogaigar
Hello All,
I am using Agilent's Spectrum analyzer E4402B and i want to capture Screen(Screen Shot of the instrument's screen) and saved on My PC in excel file. I have downloaded required drivers from National Instruments. I want to program in labview using different vi. So if anyone know how to start i will be glad. i know how to put in excel but to capture screen Which Vi's should be used is my problem.

My second problem is i need to program in lavbview using these drivers only to set the spectrum analyzer from my PC for eg start frq, center freq. In short i want to control spectrum from my PC using labview.
I will be very thankful if anyone guides me in these two aspects...

Thanks a lot in advance...