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ADS unable to handle AGAUSS() function from HSPICE?(..monte carlo function)

Question asked by kwagjj on Mar 7, 2014
I'm in the middle of trying to successfully transfer HSPICE netlist -> ADS schematic.
I'm using the 'File'-'Import..' to translate the HSPICE netlist file into ADS design files.

During my work, I noticed that the 'AGAUSS(...)' function in HSPICE netlist doesn't seem to be properlly translated when implemented into ADS.

$$ Just FYI, AGAUSS function in HSPICE is a function of monte carlo simulation. It looks like everytime this parameter is 'called', it will give out a number that is generated by monte carlo simulation based on the input vectors of the AGAUSS function.(This is just a brief info about based on what I've googled very lightly... It may not be entirely correct : (      )

Here are more details on my problem. 

First, let me show you the the few lines that contain AGAUSS function in my HSPICE netlist:


△ as you can see, four parameters "parn1rf" "parn2rf" "parp1rf" "parp2rf" which contains the AGAUSS() function.

During the import(translation) process, there are some WARNINGS regarding this AGAUSS function at the translation log.(screenshot shown below)


I've also checked the 'spice.iff' file that is related with IFF translation process and I'm pasting a screenshot at the section of 'spice.iff' which mentions AGAUSS function.


Despite these warnings, the schematics are created. But I took a closer look at the parameters that originally contained the AGAUSS functions.(screenshot shown below)


Disappointingly, the same parameters created by ADS has failed to inherit the AGAUSS function during the translation process....

I've confirmed that the '1)' values that the "parn1rf" parameters have are fragments of the AGUSS statement in the HSPICE netlist file.
For example, in the original HSPICE netlist, it contains the line written: "+parn1rf=AGAUSS(0,1,1)"
The "1)" value of 'parn1rf' in ADS came from the last two characters of the written line above.  (...=AGAUSS(0,1,_1)_  <-the underlined part has become the "1)" value...)

I'm wondering what could be the problem here.
Is it possible that ADS has no function that corresponds to AGAUSS of HSPICE?
Is there other way to modify the schematic/HSPICE netlist to bypass this problem?

If you have any information about this problem, kindly write a reply and share your wisdom with me and future troubled graduate students that might be in my boots.