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N5230C Selecting traces quad display

Question asked by on Aug 2, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2013 by Dr_joel
We have a N5230C programing with VB and COM. The tester recalls a calibrated instrument state - quad display 4 traces, 1 trace in each window "S11" ,"S22", "S21" and "S21". Could anyone tell me how to move from trace to trace. I can not create traces, they already exist if I create new traces it just adds to the traces so I have 8 traces (2) per window.

Set Ch = na.ActiveChannel
Set meas = na.ActiveMeasurement
Ch.Single True                  ' Take a sweep and wait for it to finish
'S11 S11 S11 S11 S11 S11 S11 S11 S11 S11
meas.ChangeParameter "S11", 1   ' Change to an S11 measurement
meas.Format = naDataFormat_SWR

How do I move to the next window? If I use

P. Kirk