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what printer to use on a E4440A and N8973A

Question asked by rftech3000 on May 19, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2013 by tabbott
I recently bought a E4440A and a N8973A , i surely was surprised and somewhat disapointed when i figured out that those instruments only have a PARALLEL PORT for the printer and no native USB port !!! given that the age of those units one figures that Agilent by now would have whipped out a USB card for the N8973A to connect USB printers like R+S does for years now !
So my question is how do i get a USB printer to work on the parallel port of those instruments ?  it seem to be virtually impossible to find a new printer with a parallel port and the only adapters i can find are to connect a parallel printer on a USB PC !!!
Any suggestions ?