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How long does E5701C take to do 400 point 2port SOLT calibration,IFBW 10Hz?

Question asked by tesla on Dec 16, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2014 by tesla
Hi, Expert

I will to do S21 measurement in third party lab using E5701C. I want to know how much time does E5701C take to to do 400 point(9kHz to 1GHz) 2port SOLT calibration, IFBW 10Hz,using mechanical SOLT kit. I know the speed is very slow for low IFBW, so i want to know how long it take and i will schedule the time. i do not have a E5701C on my hand now.  

BTW, the measure S21 is estimated to be -85dB. Based on calculation, -123 dBm/Hz noise floor. i think 10Hz IFBW,5dBM power is good for my measurement. Am I Right?

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