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cleaning cal kit components

Question asked by stat2883 on Nov 16, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2010 by gfarrel
Hey all,

I have a 3.5mm cal kit here that I need to replace the foam inserts on, however the components themselves have bits of the foam compressed in there.  The kit obviously hasn't been used in a while or taken care of.  I can get some of it with a small swab and alcohol, but some of them there is just no way to get anything down inside there without risking damage to the device itself.  My question is this:

Would something like a sonic cleaner be a good solution for getting out any foreign debris from these items?

Is there some kind of solvent or solution that is safe to use but won't leave any kind of film that could alter the electrical characteristics of the devices?

Are there any other methods out there that I'm missing that could come in handy here?

thanks for any input guys!