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4294A "EXTREF" error

Question asked by sachi on Jun 20, 2014
I have been facing a external reference error (ExtRef), that pops up on 4294A randomly after using the system for a while (it can sometimes be within an hr and sometimes a day). Once the error pops up the system freezes and I can't use it unless I turn it off and turn it back on again. 
I do not know why its doing this, as I do not have any external reference connected on the rear panel. 
The things I am doing include: 
Using 42941A probe and placing the 4294A analyzer itself in a faraday box. I had been using a lan connection to transfer data to the PC, But I took it offline since the error started popping up. But even then it has not gone away. Does anyone have any suggestions on trying to fix it or has had similar experiences? Any help is greatly appreciated. 

Thank you