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DUT Configuration in PLTS and the Parameter Plots

Question asked by cram869 on Nov 15, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2010 by odanzy
I like the DUT Configuration feature at the start of the PLTS measurement wizard, but it hasn't worked quite they way I assumed it would.  Perhaps I am using it incorrectly.  I have measurement setup where I have had to connect my VNA to my DUT as shown in the following graphic.
I set the PNA Ports in the DUT Configuration window to match the VNA Connections in my diagram while leaving the DUT Ports and the Logical Ports alone.  I assumed that when I plotted the single-ended and mixed-mode S-parameters after the measurement that they would reflect the DUT Ports and Logical Ports, but it appears that they still display in the same order as the VNA is connected.  For example, my thru connections are S32 and S41 instead of S21 and S43, as they would be if they were remapped the way I intended.

Am I missing some setting that would help me plot these parameters mapped like I have them in the DUT Configuration? 

My present solution requires exporting the measurement to a touchstone file.  There is a remapping option in the export that has worked for me.  Then, I either reload the touchstone file as a virtual measurement in PLTS or plot the parameters in a different file.