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Speed issue accessing NI-488 card through newer Agilent IO libraries

Question asked by rwertz on Jun 12, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2013 by connectivity
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Traditionally we access an Agilent 82350 card from visual basic using Agilent IO libraries version J.02. We have also added several systems with NI-488 cards (accessed through the same Agilent IO libraries) that have functioned fine for years. Recently we started upgrading systems to Agilent IO libraries 16.2 for support of USB test equipment. All was going well till we upgraded our first system that used the NI-488 card.

Communication time accessing the NI-488 through Agilent IO libraries 16.2 is approximately 10 times longer. The delay seams minimal for a single command (~1/4 second). But when you start adding up all the commands needed for certain operations you start seeing 30 second delays which are unacceptable.

  IDN? query time for 53132 via Agilent IO Libraries 16.2 and Agilent GPIB card ~ 0.025 second
  IDN? query time for 53132 via Agilent IO Libraries 16.2 and NI-488 card ~ 0.250 second

Upgrading the NI-488 software to a more recent version (I believe did not resolve the issue. Changing from the NI-488 card to an Agilent 82350 resolves the speed issue. But we have a lot of NI488 cards.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.