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Paging Dr_Joel: Is there anything special in how an 8753 handles HPIB disks

Question asked by andersg on Jan 31, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2014 by andersg
Hi, got the suggestion on Yahoo to ask here.

I have been designing a HPIB disk emulator ( It works perfectly with my 1631D, problem is that we tested with two separate HP 8753's and neither of them seem to play ball. They save correctly, but do not restore.

When saving the resulting LIF image is identical to one from a disk, but when we restore, it tries to read the first file, twice, then resets. The actual data we return, as far as we can see, is identical to the data written by the 8753.

To boot, both these units are several hundred miles away from me, so I have to rely on the owners testing and sending me logs.

Just thought you'd might have an idea?

PS. Is the format of what the 8753 stores documented? Is is checksummed, like the 1631D learn strings?

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