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N9923 and Fieldfox Data Link 4.75

Question asked by leffe on Jul 9, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2014 by am95405

I'm having some issues will post working my CAT/VNA files under DataLink (V4.75 the latest) under windows Seven 64Bit, for example:

I'm not capable of moving with the mouse one marker without affecting the other makers on the measure, if i take Marker one and pass before marker 2, the marker skip name and the values change....weird !

Some markers keep stuck at the frequency stop value and cannot be moved by the mouse, i have to apply a Max peak search and then i can move this marker again...

My other problem is on the printing of the measures, I’ve added some Annotations, i can see them and when saved and reopen the annotation are still there, but when i print 10 pages (Virtual PDF or physical printing) then they disappear (Only the first plot keep the Annotation).
I've try selecting Printer friendly colors without affect neither on the result.)

Thanks for the help !