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PNA-X: Phase reference cal unleveled source error comb filter generator

Question asked by rok on Jun 30, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2014 by rok

I am using a 67GHz PNA-X with firmware version A.90.09.09 firmware. I am trying to use the comb filter generator to perform a phase reference calibration from 55MHz to 33GHz. I had no trouble performing the calibration for source attenuation values of 0,10, and 20dB. However, when I got to 30dB, I got 'unleveled source' errors in step 5 and 7 of the calibration respectively. (see attachments). This also happened for source attenuation at 40 and 50dB as well. When I try to use this particular Tier 1 calibration for a phase vs drive measurement, my gain measurement is higher by about 3dB from expected. If someone can let me know why I am getting this error and whether it is fixable or not, that would be greatly appreciated.