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Agilent 34970A Programming 6.5 digits resolution

Question asked by albert_brecht on Dec 6, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2013 by hp-bioing
In our group we would like calculate 4 wire resistance (after that we calculate temperature (-20 --  +50 C) with our special algorithms). 
And  we extremely need high resolution as 6,5 digits. 
We're using python pyserial-lib for communication between  Agilent 34970A and PC with Win/Linux.
Manually in 34970A  we're set 115200 Baud for communication  and ohm-4wire -- 100ohm -- 6 1/2 digits for channel 101 and 102
We're using the next SCPY-commands: 

CONF:FRES (@101:102) 
ROUT:CHAN:DEL 0.2, (@101:102)
CONF:FRES 100,1E-6,(@101:102)

in loop:
ROUT:SCAN (@101:102) 

Unfortunately we're received the next answer: "+532,"Not able to achieve requested resolution"
and for FETCH? we're sporadically receiving or NULL or broken data.

May be we need another SCPY-sequence?
Please, help us and thanks for advices!