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33522B: Different limits on Vpp amplitude vs high?

Question asked by starblue on Jan 18, 2014
33522B with firmware 2.09-1.19-2.00-52-00

I have an arbitrary waveform that contains only non-negative values, read in from a .csv .
Output load is 6 ohm, for a current sensor.
I know that the 33522B can do a little more than 1V at that load by testing with DC.

I want to map 0 to 0V and the peak to about 0.9V to simulate a suitable current pulse,
so I tried to set High and Low accordingly. However, it lets me set High to at most 229.6mV.
Why?  Apart from the lower limit the waveform was as I expected.

Setting Vpp to 0.9V and Offset to 0 produced the desired output, somewhat unexpectedly
(I had expected that Vpp would be symmetric around 0V, so I expected half the amplitude.)

Is there a clarification somewhere what the different amplitude parameters mean for arbitrary waveforms?

Is Vpp the difference between maximal and minimal value?
Is Offset relative to 0 from the input data?
Does it compute V_rms pointwise for arbitrary waveforms?
Are High and Low the maximal and minimal values of the waveform?
Why is there a lower than expected limit on High?

A document with clear explanation of the chain of mappings from input values to samples to output values would also be nice.