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PNA-X 67GHz Noise Figure Opt 29 vs Opt 28

Question asked by rok on Jul 23, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2014 by daras

I have yet another question regarding noise figure. I wanted to confirm the following were true or not for the 67GHz PNA-X:

Opt 29 allows you to perform the noise figure using either the Noise Receiver Path (up to 50GHz) or the Standard NA Ports (up to 67GHz). You do not have to have both Opt 29 and 28 installed, since Opt 29 contains all the functionality of Opt 28. 

In the case of overlapping regions, (i.e. testing from 45 to 55GHz), when selecting the noise receiver path, the PNA-X will use the Noise receiver path from 45 to 50GHz and use the standard receiver path from 50 to 55GHz. 

When calibrating an overlapping region case  (i.e. testing from 45 to 55GHz), the PNA-X calibration wizard will utilize the noise receiver calibration portion from 45 to 50GHz and the standard receiver noise cal from 50 to 55GHz.

I just wanted to confirm whether all of the above statements were true or not.