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34980A (and modules) Firmware

Question asked by drdroege Employee on Feb 10, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2014 by tomc
I have a customer that is purchasing a system with a 34980A with 34921A and 34925A modules.  They would like to have the latest firmware on these devices for this system and then continue to install this same firmware on future systems, even if the production firmware has rev'd in the meantime.  I have found a firmware download for the 34980A (that I can archive for them for later) and it looks like this same package also supplies the firmware for the modules.  Is this the case?  Does the 34980A firmware contain firmware updates for the modules?  

I've pulled, what looks like, firmware rev info off of an older system and it looks like the rev's in the modules are unrelated to those in the 34980A.
For instance, one of our older systems had the following instruments and corresponding firmware:
34980A Mainframe: 2.43-2.43
            Front Panel: 2.07
            DMM: 1.05
34921A 1.21
34927A 2.10

Does all of this get loaded with a single firmware update to the 34980A?  If so, how do I find what subassembly rev's exist within this single firmware package?
If not, where do I go to get archived firmware updates that aren't included with the main 34980A firmware?