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Using Agilent IVI-C driver 546XX with 54624A Oscilloscope

Question asked by stevevalwa on Jul 29, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2013 by stevevalwa
Hi, I'm having the most basic of problems using this IVI-C driver with the Agilent 54624A Oscilloscope. I also have a DSO5034A in which I'm using the same IVI-C specific driver. When initializing the IVI session, the driver upon opening a VISA session queries the scope for its capabilities, including Channel Count, Pod Count, Display Labels, Channel Features, Trigger Features, etc. This is done through the SCPI query :SYST:DATA:VAL? "+Requested Feature+". It works fine for the DSO5034A, but doesn't get past the first query with the 54624A scope, a timeout error occurs when the IVI driver call fails. Digging further, the scope actually errs out with error number -113,"Undefined header". Which makes sense to me as I can't find the "SYST:DATA:VAL" command referenced anywhere in the documantation for the 54624A Scope. Nor can I find it referenced in the programming guide for the 5034A, but it works none the less. Any Idea's what can be going on here? I resorted to NI's IVI specific drivers for these scopes in the mean time, but that has opened up another set of issues as the two specific drivers for these scopes that they wrote doesn't impliment the Idle/Trigger/Acquire behavior model consistently, thus negating my whole effort to support two scopes interchangeably in one system.