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Transfer File From PC to PNA?

Question asked by terryliu on Jun 16, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2014 by terryliu

I am using C#, visa32 and LAN Connection. Base on visa help doc, the function used could be this, public static extern int viPrintf(int vi, string writeFmt, byte[] arr); and my code looks like,

byte[] buffer; //length = 8972
viError = visa32.viPrintf(session, "MMEM:TRAN d:\\demofile.txt  #48972%b", buffer);       //is %b correct?
viError = visa32.viPrintf(session, "\n");        //END Terminator

it returns error  -1073807297 (VI_ERROR_INV_FMT),  seems writeformat string is not correct. My question is, which modifier and format code should be used? 
1) " %b " ?
2) " %y " ?

Very appreciated if anyone can share your experiences on how to format viprintf with writing block data.