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34970A error 913 NVram error at power-on - rs232nfx

Question asked by rl on Jan 31, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2014 by rl
After running a long series of tests, with no hardware or program alterations, the 34970A started beeping and flashing its front panel continually.

On removal from the test setup, it reported an error 913 "Module reported nonvolatile memory fault" at power-up.

This error at power-on is repeated, regardless of module(s) installed. The longer power-on self-test issues a 'PASS' message, while presenting the same error signal.

On top of this, the unit now fails RS232 communication - will not return ID with a known-good serial port connection and harness.

The flashing front panel and beeping have yet to be reproduced, as the original test situation is only available for testing purposes - not for test equipment repair.

So far, function from the front panel, using manually-entered values seem normal, after the start-up error is erased, or otherwise. Relay control in the 34901A modules seems regular. Supply voltages on a 34907A module seem normal, when installed and data is readable on both input port bytes.

I'll deal with the serial port as a hardware repair issue.

The error 913 .... is this likely the result of damage elsewhere?