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PNA-L startup problem

Question asked by JrV on Jul 5, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2010 by jvall

We have a problem with our PNA-L.

We have made the PNA-L setup.
Put the power cord in the socket -> power indicator is yellow.
Ok. lets start...  and push the power botton.
Nothing happens.  

We see shortly all the led go Green, and than the Power Botton is back Yellow, no green led.
We do not hear any sound of a Fan, harddisk, .... if we start the PNA-L.
The only thing we see as at the back, at the level of the power inlet, a red light, that is fired up after push the power botton.
We have also pressing and holding the power button for at least four seconds and try to power up the PNA-L but still no reaction of the PNA-L only the red light at the same level of the power inlet is fired up.

Does somebody can help? Do we have a power supply problem?

We have done a shut down of the PNA in a correct way. So I do not think this is an harddisk error.