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Do 85054B type-N connector gages work with non-HP/Agilent connectors?

Question asked by drkirkby on Jan 17, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2014 by theamberco
I've got an 85054B cal kit. If I check the N standards and adapters in the kit using the connector gages, the gages indicate everything is within spec, with the exception of one adapter that is slightly out of spec (I'll replace that). If I check the devices in an old 85032B cal kit, again things look ok. So the gages seem to work fine with HP/Agilent devices. 

But I seem to find almost every non-HP/Agilent connector is *way* out of spec. I have for example two VNA grade test cables with male N connectors each end from Flexco Microwave. These are expensive cables, so I would not expect to find all 4 male N connectors to be out of spec so much. Of the 4 connectors, all show precession, but differing a lot from connector to connector.  

On one cable, the precession at the two ends are
* 0.0039"
* 0.0136"

And on the other cable
* 0.0144"
* 0.0132"

I checked both ends of a used Radiall attenuator, and again it appears to be miles out. 

Are these gages fussy about what connectors they work with? 

According to the box, the part numbers for the gage set are 85054-80011, which is different to the current manual for the Agilent 85054B kit, which lists the gages set as 85054-60049. I've attached a picture of the gages. 

It rather reduces the usefulness of the gages if you can only check HP/Agilent parts with them. 


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