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U1272A with Bluetooth does not communicate with GUI data loging

Question asked by joseph on Sep 20, 2013
I have a new 1272A with the blue tooth adapter. I had no trouble talking to the meter via blue tooth and Hyper Terminal. On the same port, the GUI Data Logger does not see the meter. Support said that they know it does not work. It was one of the features that drew me toward the meter, so I am a bit disappointed that I have to go out and get a USB cable after footing the bill for the Blue Tooth adapter.

I am wondering if anyone started out with the same problem, but has since found a way to fix it?  

I have the newest firmware on both devices.




Scratch this request, The tech I spoke to did not pickup on the fact that I said there were two com ports showing for the meter. As it turns out, Hyper Terminal didn't care, as long as I pointed it in the correct direction it worked fine.  The GUI Data Logger was not so cooperative. I went into control panel devices and deleted the Com port that was not working with Hyper Terminal, then went back to Data Logging and it connected without a problem.

I am leaving my post in case anyone else has the same problem, and gets the same tech when they call for help.

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