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Multiport Test Set/Network Analyzer Compatibility

Question asked by rajsodhi Employee on Jul 9, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2010 by rajsodhi

We are currently looking into getting a multiport test set for either our existing network analyzers (8753A, 8722D and PNA-X) or for a new low cost network analyzer.  Based on some initial searches on the Agilent web site, we came upon two options: E5092A and 87050A.  Both the E5092A and the 87050A use solid-state switches.  Would either of these to be compatible with any network analyzer?  I see that the recommended network analyzer for the E5092A is the ENA E5071C opt 4K5.  Is this because of a software interface between the test set in the network analyzer?

One more question... we have a 4-port 20 GHz E-Cal unit for our PNA-X.  Would this help in calibrating a system that has 9 ports?  How does one normally calibrate so many ports?   :?