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HP 8664a Error code 3,503,310

Question asked by anatoliy.koff on Nov 17, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2013 by jlubecky
We have some HP Agilent equipment.
Some days ago We receive on our HP 8664a error.
After power on 8664a start calibration procedure and when it's finished on display shows Error code 3,503,310. After calibration diagnostic LEDs doesn't show any error. Power LEDs doesn't show any errors.
Hardware failure 3
(Sometimes)Hardware failure 6
Calibration error 2

After Special Function 170 Result Error code 2,459,310.

We connect power meter (R&S NRP-Z11) to 8664 and when We setup 0dB - 8664 give - 23dB. Power meter are calibrated. Attenuator (Options 015 and 075) was checked  separately and they are in working condition.
1. What's this error indicate? Please answer more detailed.
2. How We can repair this fault? We haven't schematic diagrams.

We're private company and we have great engineers and technical knowledge(Our experience in radiocommunication over 30 years). Also We have any equipment for solve any problems.

We're waiting for a fast reply.
Best regards, Anatoliy.