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Anyone got a drawing of P/N 08720-20154 used in 8720D ?

Question asked by drkirkby on Aug 5, 2013
Part 08720-20154, which is an RF cable which connects  A63 to Front Panel B-Out on an 8720ES is obsolete. That same part is needed in my 8720D. Does anyone by chance have a engineering drawing of it, so I can make one? 

I don't fancy taking the VNA apart, finding out what cable is needed, making the cable, then putting the VNA back together to test the cable. If I could make the cable in advance and test it, that would be much better. But I can't find out anything about that cable. I assume it is SMA male to female, but I might be wrong. If I could find out the length, and ideally where the bends are, that would be nice. 


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