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Transmission Reflection Test Set - Check that its operating proper - 41952B

Question asked by cardinalgrammeter on Jul 30, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2013 by drkirkby
I have a 41952B 75ohm T/R Test Set and want to verify that it is functioning properly.  (I'm using a 4195A Network Analyzer)

The Operation Note has a basic method:  Section 3 Operation:  3-4 Operator's Check however, it leaves a lot out for the non-expert.  (I'm skilled in analog audio frequency electronics and a little radio - but no antennas and RF.  So while having only a very basic understanding of T/R, I basically need a step by step to do the checkout on the analyzer.

Paraphrasing, here are the steps:

1. Connect unit to analyzer with Test Port unconnected.
2. Set analyzer Stop and Start frequency to 10 and 500 mHz respectively
3. Set analyzer Output level to 0 dBm
4. *"The network analyzer's magnitude ratio reading should be
approximately 0 dB."*
5. Connect a 75 ohm (I have the B unit) termination to the Test Port.
6. *"The network analyzer's magnitude ratio reading should be less than
-30 dB"*

What could be simpler?  But here are some questions I have:

- Do I use the NETWORK configuration and then S11?

- does magnitude ratio =  "T/R" = Transmitted level divided by Reflected level?
  I think I saw plotting of T/R and Phase Angle (trying to remember)

- Do I need to go through the CALIBRATION step(s) that appear earlier in
the manuals to "zero things out" before I do the sweep?

Actually what I really need is the actual button sequence to do this. 
SPECTRUM is easy for me since I know pretty much what I'm doing and 
all the controls are familiar concepts.  But the NETWORK stuff is all new to me.

Thanks in advance,