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Is there a specification for N connector tollerence on N9912A?

Question asked by drkirkby on Apr 18, 2014
I bought a used N9912A off of eBay

Today, rather late, since I have already ordered some accessories, I decided to check the connectors on the instrument. For this I used the connector gages in my HP 85054B type-N calibration kit. Rather annoyingly, one is out of spec

Left hand N-connector:  +0.00025" *(precessed, so out of spec)*
Right hand N-connector: -0.0003"

The one on the left must be out of spec, as it is precessed. 

I assume the one on the right, which is likely to get less use, is in spec with a recession of 0.0003". But I don't see a spec in the manual. Is there one? Are the connectors checked for recession/precession at calibration? 

I think: 

1) Given what I paid for this (£2250 GBP, which is around $3780 USD)

2) The fact it has a reasonably large number of options 

N9912A-106      6 GHz cable and antenna analyzer
N9912A-110     Transmission measurement
N9912A-111      QuickCal 
N9912A-231      6 GHz spectrum analyzer
N9912A-235      Preamplifier for spectrum analysis capability
N9912A-236      Interference analyzer
N9912A-302      External USB power sensor support
N9912A-303      Network analysis capability
N9912A-308      Vector voltmeter

3) I want it for use in a field, not a metrology laboratory. 

4) 0.00025" is not a large precession, though it is outside the uncertainty of my connector gage.

5) It has Quickcal, so no need really for an N cal kit.

I will live with the 0.00025" precession for now. But I wont be putting any of the standards from my 85054B cal kit on it. (That said,  I suspect that the 85054B standards are all recessed by at least 0.00025".)


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