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Panel with 2 (different CAD) boards, linked by ribbon cables

Question asked by dmlpektron on Jul 15, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2014 by dmlpektron
I have a circuit which has been split into two separate halves but are produced together on the one panel. Ran both boards up through IPG fine separately at first and then the two CADs were amalgamated into a single panel; so far, so good. BUT... In order to save a production process these two boards are now to arrive at ICT with a couple of interconnecting ribbon cables already linking the two boards. (When split from the supporting fret the two boards then simply fold together).

I cannot guarantee that there is no duplication of node names between the two sets of CAD. I tried merging the two into one board (i.e. no longer panelised and including the cable connections) but the last point about node names makes that very dangerous. I cannot see an easy way of incorporating the interconnections from one board across to the other. You cannot enter a Node Library in IPG across the board pair as a panel as each board type only presents its own internal nodes (i.e. one side of the cabling) for selection.
The attempt to merge the two CAD into one also lost my board rotations (270 for one, 90 for the other) and offsets.
I'm sure there must be a way to overcome this but I just seem to keep coming up against a brick wall whichever way I try to approach the problem.
No fixturing has yet been built but I would like to incorporate the two boards AND the interconnections for better IPG analysis and fixture wiring.
Must I run up the job as a separate pair and only try to develop a node lib test for the cabling after the jig is built? I fear this will result in poor analysis and guarding for many initial tests.
Has anyone else come across this scenario and worked out the best way to overcome it?
Thanks in advance,