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How to measure complex permittivity using 4294A

Question asked by jdaoud on Apr 16, 2010
I have a technical question with regards to the 4294A measurements. I am using the 16092A spring clip fixture with a parallel plate capacitor to measure properties of liquids. I am now trying to measure permittivity (both real and imaginary) but I am having trouble with the calculation method.

Should I just measure capacitance and conductance then calculate the respective real and imaginary permittivities? I can convert capacitance to permittivity by using water and air as standards and I can just convert conductance to conductivity and then imaginary permittivity.

Or would it be better to just use the complex capacitance measurement function and obtain the complex capacitance measurement which I can just then convert to complex permittivity and thus get real and imaginary parts (however I'm not sure how to account for stray capacitance in this case).

Your input would be greatly appreciated.