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Could opion 012 (direct receiver access) be retrofitted to an 8720D VNA?

Question asked by drkirkby on Jul 26, 2013
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I have an HP 8720D VNA with options 010 (TDR) and 1D5 (high stability time base). It is due for cal, but I would like to know whether it would be possible to retrofit option 012.. 

Was such an upgrade an offically available option? In practice, would it be possilbe to add the option? I can't help but feel it probably consists of just breaking a few internal RF cables and routing them to the front panel. 

Using a bit of detective work on the Agilent find a part web site, and searching for "8720D-012" I can get what appears to be a list of the parts needed. 

Part Number     Part Description     Status     Reference     Price
08720-20026     UTG RF Cable-A63/A66     Available Until Gone          GBP 185.00
08720-20033     UTG RF Cable-A62/A65     Available Until Gone          GBP 92.72
08720-20058     UTG RF Cable-S5 Front Panel     Available Until Gone          GBP 100.00
08720-20098     Cable     Orderable          GBP 55.63
08720-20104     UTG RF Cable-Front Panel In     Available Until Gone          GBP 107.00
08720-20154     RF Cable CPL1 FP CPL1     Obsolete          
08720-20164     UTG RF Cable - A62/63 (012)     Available Until Gone          GBP 96.42

Part "08720-20154", which is "RF Cable CPL1 FP CPL1" is obsolete, which I guess means Agilent could not fit this, though I suspect an RF cable could be made up.  

Also, was option 089 (Frequency Offset Mode) just a software change, or does that require changes to the hardware? 

I intend sending this to Agilent very soon, as the calibration expires tommorow and so it needs recalibration. If it is possilble to get option 012 added, I would like to do so. I will ask Agilent UK for an answer, but very often I find the technical help on here is more informative! 


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