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"x" is an instance of undefined model ".."

Question asked by frzziie on Jul 7, 2013
this is my 2nd question during netlisting my user defined library in the Schematic.
for netlisting in schemtic circuit, i already included model files via "NetlistInclude".
I also check  netlist.log in my current workspace, it parsing very well. 
However, when i simulated, the simulation windows shows::
Simulation / Synthesis Messages

Error detected by hpeesofsim during netlist flattening.
    `Croso1' is an instance of an undefined model `CROSSO'.

Status / Summary

my item is CROSSO, which has the instance name "Croso1"
as i understand, simulation cannot find the model file for CROSSO. Do i understand correctly? and someone could help me about  this?

in the attachment you would find my defined library. If you had time and would like to to help, please have a look