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PNA-X equation editor, memory trace strange behavior

Question asked by rok on Apr 15, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2014 by rok

I am having some strange intermittent behavior when using the equation editor with memory traces. I am using Firmware A.09.90.09.

From the attachment, I have traces 73 to 75 which represent memory traces of the gain at various temperatures. 

In the other attachment, I have trace 76 and 77 which are equation editor traces defined as such;

Trace 76: Tr73.MEM/ Tr74.MEM
Trace 77: Tr73.MEM/Tr75.MEM

During the temperature cycling, the operator would select the appropriate trace corresponding to the particular temperature (i.e. Traces 73 to 75) and select the 'Marker', 'Memory', 'Data -> Memory' command. Upon completion of the command, the next window showing the delta would update with the new results.

However, as you can see from the attachment, every so often, the window display would not update correctly. (as evidenced from the cyan markers all showing -200dB). Now here's the strange part. If I were to print out the 'Gain over Temp Delta' window, the display then updates with the correct values! 

My technicians have observed this behavior on more than 1 occasion on different PNA-X machines, but of course it is intermittent, so there is not set way to reliable repeat this behavior. Also, sometimes, it is not obvious the display is wrong (i.e. won't always show -200dB but may be different but wrong values). If someone can look into the problem, that would be greatly appreciated.