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Making S11 single port cal Smith Chart measurements with a pig tail.

Question asked by Biguglydude on Jun 18, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2014 by Biguglydude
I'm using an 8753D with cal kit 3.5mmE installed.  The pig tail I'm using is a P1-smaj.
Can I just cal with the pig tail Shorted, Opened, loaded (2 || 0402 100 Ohm Res)?  Or, do I need to cal with the kit and then dial in port extensions for the coax length?  I've tried several different approaches but can't seem to nail this down.  My target matching circuit is modeled for 6-j12 but my measurements are always in the 10+j6 (ish) range.  The frequency range is 4G - 6G.  I do have a 6dB pad on port 2 during calibration and measurements.

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