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8753c with mechanical 85046a

Question asked by scottrf on Jun 10, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2010 by scottrf
According to the 8753 firmware history page:


Agilent 8753C's can be used with the Agilent 85044A/B,and both solid-state switch and mechanical switch versions of the 85046A/B or 85047A.


I have an 8753C with 4.02 firmware and a 85046A with mechanical switch. When I power the unit on I first see PORT 2 on the test set on, then a click, then PORT 1 is on. But I then cannot get PORT 2 on, so I can't measure S22 or S12. This test set works fine with my 8753B (but my B's display is dimming, so I just got the C).

Scott Olson