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Phase Reference Calibration Error

Question asked by rfelectek on Jul 2, 2013
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I am seeing an error when trying to perform Phase Reference cal. See attached screen capture. Although the error message is displayed, it allows me to continue through the calibration routine, right up to the point that I am prompted to attach the ECal module directly to port 2 with a cable from module to port 1. I then connect as prompted and hit measure, a unlevel power at port 1 flashes while it continues to go through the routing until finally ending with another error that I believe says unable to orient ecal or something like that. It seems as if all the errors must be related to the ECal. I have tried this with two different ecal modules, same result...Oh, one more thing, I just remembered seeing another error flashing up at launch of network analyzer software, says something about defaultcalfile* violation, not sure if that may be relevant...

I have been out for a couple weeks for surgery and not sure what may have been done or tried on this box while I was out so I would not be surprised if something may have become corrupt...
Since coming back today, I have installed A09.90.01 and would like to create a phase reference calset that will cover 10MHz - 33GHz. We are really looking forward to having the phase reference cal working down to 10MHz!

PNAX = N5245A with opt083

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