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Group delay for a track and hold based device

Question asked by simon on Sep 20, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2013 by ian

I have been attempting to use a PNA to test the group delay of our new track and hold based device (sub sampling system).

My problem is that the output frequencies do not respond in the same way as a typical mixer.

For example, with an RF frequency of 1830 to  2730 MHz., and a LO of 1820 MHz, will give an output of 10 to 910 MHz but the next band of 2730 to 3630 MHz will sweep back down from 910 to 10MHz.

The output will then sweep back up then down as the RF is raised.

Is it possible to do a group delay measurement across the full RF band (up to 20GHz), or will it only be possible to measure the first up sweep where it still responds like a normal mixer?

Thanks for any help

(Sorry for the extra posts, I was getting an error every time I posted)

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